DIY Cane Sideboard

93″ cane console for under $400 total … not bad! Think this is a DIY you might try?!


I’ve been drooling over cane furniture for a few years now. My favorites are the sideboards with cane doors … they provide storage while hiding ALL the junk! I’ve had my eye on a few, but they were all close to $2k, which kept me from pulling the trigger on anything.

I’ve seen multiple DIY accounts create their own cane furniture, and it was something I’d been wanting to try. While browsing Wayfair, I came across the perfect cabinet. Best part – each piece was only $111!! Even with needing three of the cabinets to get the size I wanted, the project was under $400 out the door. Yes please!!

This is such an easy DIY and would be the perfect first project for a beginner. The only tool you need is a hot glue gun! The exact cabinet, cane, spline (trim) and hot glue I used can be found here.

Here’s my final inspo for the area.  Black frames and a new runner are on the way, and I think they’ll really pop against the light wood/cane.

(Click image for links)

I bought three cabinets, for a total length around 93″.  One 5ft roll of cane was just enough to cover the six doors … so cut carefully! I cut the cane just a tiny bit smaller than the glass, then glued it down with a little bit of hot glue just along the edges.  Some tutorials said to soak the cane, but I tried it without that step, and it turned out just fine!

Here’s the cabinets assembled, before adding the cane

Next, I cut the spline to cover the raw edges.  I started with the top and bottom pieces, and then did the sides.  I used a bit more glue for the spline, and had to hold it in place for a minute as the glue set.

I’m SO HAPPY with the final result!  It’s beautiful and provides so much storage.

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Links for items:



Spline (5mm)

The best hot glue 🙂

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  1. Anabel says:

    You have such great eyes for beauty. Thanks for sharing your gift❤️

  2. Karen says:

    Hi there
    I’m trying the project and I’m having lots of difficulty with getting the hot glue to stay and stick to the glass. Did you have any issues with this? I am using the gorilla glue, which I thought might be better than regular glue sticks, but evidently not.
    Thought I’d reach out to see if you had troubles or if any other people who tried this project commented about this as well.
    Thank you.

  3. Nichoke says:

    Would it be possible to glue the cane to the inside of the glass and skip the spline step?

  4. Tina says:

    Can you link the runner?

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