How I Refinish Furniture without Sanding

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We had this 54″ table that was a marketplace score. I wanted to sand it down and bleach it, BUT the top layer was veneer and not solid wood as advertised. Boo. So, I had to leave it stained a darker color. We don’t get a ton of natural light in our kitchen, and it just always felt too blah in our nook!

The table is the perfect size though … 60″ is too big for the space and anything smaller won’t seat all six of us. After spending way too much time shopping for a new 54″ table online, I decided to just paint ours white, and buy some new affordable wood chairs (thanks, target!). I LOVE our little breakfast nook refresh!

I avoid sanding/completely stripping furniture at all costs – lol. I know it’s necessary sometimes! I’ve used this method on furniture several times, and it works well with minimal sanding.

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  1. I usually do a light sanding just to remove the shine. I only did this on the table top – so it took less thank three minutes. I do 1-3 coats of primer
  2. Use a foam roller for primer, paint and topcoat. It gives a smooth “sprayed” look without brush strokes. For grooves and other areas you can’t roll, use a brush and then go over it with a roller
  3. Cabinet paint works wonderfully on furniture. Be sure to get a water based option! It’s just so much easier to clean up! I used the exact Benjamin Moore paint shown above that we had leftover from other projects …
  4. but I’m guessing Valspar is comparable. Each brand has their own version of cabinet paint.
  5. Topcoat! I did two coats of this topcoat. Polyurethane will yellow over time, so be sure to use Polycrylic. I poured a little right onto the tabletop and then rolled it out with the foam roller. I only did one coat of top coat on the pedestal base.

Our round table ($50 on craigslist and we used it for a good 8+ yers!) at our old house was painted with this same method. Once or twice a year I’d roll a fresh coat of paint over the top and then do another layer of top coat that night once the kids were in bed. I was always really happy with how it looked, and hope this one holds up just as well!

Everything in our breakfast nook is linked here 🙂

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